Balance Puppy Dry Dog Food – 5kg


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Balance is a perfect mix ideal for dogs 2-12months old. Fortified with essential nutrients and supplements to help your dog attain optimum growth rate. Helps maintain your dog at optimal growth rate at a very low cost.

Give your pet the much-needed strength and vitality. Give your little guy the big nutrition he needs to thrive with Balances puppy crunchy , formulated to help your new young pup keep up with the big dogs, this food is packed with essential delicious nutrition.

A healthy brain development, plus calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong bones, it also contains leading levels of the antioxidant vitamin E to help develop strong immune systems. Plus, this balanced dog food features a special fiber blend, which helps promote healthy digestion—and helps keep yard patrol under control.

Balance puppy crunchy food is a great tasting balanced food enhanced with Omega 6 oils for healthy skin and coat and immune boosting Vita Care, at an affordable price.

  • Protein to build strong muscles and promote healthy growth
  • Omega 3 with no content of soul fatty acids for healthy skin and a glossy coat
  • Vita-care vitamins and minerals to support overall health and wellbeing
  • No artificial colours and flavour
  • Your dog’s digestive system is different to yours and human food is often too salty or too high in protein, with not enough minerals or essential nutrients to guarantee they’re getting a nutritionally balanced diet. Balance puppy crunchy food provides the nutrient your puppy needs to grow strong and healthy.


    Vitamins keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy, strengthen bones and teeth, and give them the overall energy that they need to Function.


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